About Freddie

Freddie first picked up a golf club at age 6, at the driving range at Broome Manor golf club. He swung the club and hit a golf ball cleanly and straight. Surprised, his dad put down a second ball. Fred did it again and again and again. Very soon a coach came along and was amazed at the 6 year old's natural talent and began work.

Freddie has a natural swing and natural tempo. He is clinical about everything he does in golf, quickly and easily applying what he is told by his coach to constantly hone his swing.

Age 6 and a half Freddie began entering club competitions and immediately won and won and won again. Trophies and awards came thick and fast. Club competitions, regional tournaments. Age 7 Freddie won the local age group qualifier for the HSBC Wee Wonders at Broome Manor. He went on to win the regional qualifier at Farington and traveled up to St Andrews to compete in the national finals where he won his age group !

Age 8 Freddie kept winning at club competitions and regional tournaments. Age 10 Freddie continues to win and is now playing off competition tees at his home club and acknowledged to be one of the hardest courses in Wiltshire, Ogbourne Downs Golf Club, with a handicap of just 12.

About Freddie's Swing

Freddie is right handed and has a natural draw but has learned to fade and spin back when he wants. he is able to self correct if ever things go wrong in his swing and he has proven to be an excellent coach when asked for advice with both adults and children alike.

In his bag, Freddie plays US Kids Tour Series clubs, driver, 3 wood, hybrid, 5 - gap wedge and a cut down Rossa putter.

Freddie's Support

Freddie has a strong support network around him. There is more about Fred's coach, Chas Pears, in the support pages as well as Ogborne Downs Golf Club. But there are numerous others that form an important part of Freddie's golf development. His school and in particular the PE department are very proud of and look after their golfing prodigy. Freddie's father and family are constantly on hand to fetch and carry Freddie to and from the club and coaching and competitions.

Ogbourne Downs Golf Club and its excellent academy, facilities and staff have been a huge help and encouragement and long been a home for excellence in junior golf.

Freddie's Results :

* Won the Bang and Olufsen of Swindon Tiny Tigers Classic - 2009 and 2010 prizes included rounds with David Howell
* Won The Hills Junior Open 2009 and 2010
* Won the BMGC Under 12's Junior Order of Merit 2008/2009/2010 and is leading this year also.
* Tied first at HSBC Wee Wonders Regional final 2008 but missed Grand final due to double count back
* Best of age (7yrs) at HSBC Wee Wonders Grand final 2009

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